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unknown originals and covers

Hello Friends. Welcome to Unknown Original. Since you found your way here, it looks like you’re interested in the histories and mysteries of music. Yay for that! This website explores unknown originals and covers that became more famous.

Have you ever discovered, years after the release of one of your favourite tunes, that it is, in fact, a cover version? Lurking in the distant, or sometimes not distant, past is the unknown original version. This song might be in a completely different style or language, sung by a person completely different from the singer you know. Sometimes the newly-discovered unknown original is a rare gem and sometimes it’s a version so dire you’re forever grateful to the artist who created the cover version.

This website explores those unknown original versions of songs and their journey to a more well-known cover. These unknown originals may have been:

  • Performed by obscure artists;
  • Demo versions the record label decided to change;
  • Performed by famous musicians but didn’t take off;
  • Forgotten by younger generations; or
  • Traditional folk songs with a hard-to-find original recording artist.

You can read a more in-depth analysis of unknown originals and their more famous covers here.

We hope you enjoy learning something new about your favourite songs. We hope you make some new discoveries to add to your music library. And don’t forget, if there are unknown originals and covers you’d like to learn more about, please comment below.

Happy listening!

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