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Come As You Are Original

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How Many Come As You Are Originals?

The bass riff from American grunge band Nirvana’s “Come As You Are” is one of the most iconic sounds of the 90s. But where did it come from? Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain wrote “Come As You Are”. Many claim Nirvana slowed down the riff from English band Killing Joke’s 1984 song, “Eighties”. Anyone who listens to both songs will certainly hear the similarities. But is it just a coincidence? And what other songs feature a similar riff? A few in fact. There’s Garden of Delight’s “22 Faces” from 1984, the Damned’s “Life Goes On” from 1982 and the earliest version I could find, Bauhaus’ “Hollow Hills” from 1981. Which one is the “Come As You Are” original?

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