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We’d like to introduce you to our new book, Glory of Love. This is an incredible book, but it’s not just about love; this is about happiness and the joy of living. How we can be happy and have a great life.

The book is really about how to find happiness in your everyday life. What makes us happy? How do we make ourselves happy? Why are some people happier than others? And most importantly, should we be happier?

Glory of Love will give you the tools for asking these questions and for answering them yourself. All the information you need will be there, ready for you to pick up, read and use right away.

You’ll discover practical tools to help you find contentment in your everyday life. You’ll learn that happiness isn’t a feeling or a thing; it’s a state of mind. And once we understand that state of mind, it becomes our job to help make other people happy too by finding ways around their difficulties and creating opportunities for them to feel joyful again.

The Story of Glory of Love

This is a story about a man called Abercrombie who was once told by his teacher: “You are so weak that you can barely lift a stone!” He was young, and he whispered “I want to be strong! I want to be strong.”

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He did not think that his teacher would understand him. But he did. The teacher said, “You are beautiful because you are weak.”

Abercrombie was happy, but he was also confused. He would like to be strong and beautiful at the same time. And this was exactly what the teacher had told him. But how could he do this? How could he become both strong and beautiful?

The answer came in the form of a dream which Abercrombie had before falling asleep every night for thirty years:

In his dream, Abercrombie was a beautiful girl with long hair and eyes so blue they seemed to glow like a starry sky on a clear night; she wore yellow robes over her golden body and her skin glowed so bright it looked like gold dust on a dark field of grass where stars were scattered out behind her; she carried an armful of flowers in her hand while walking through the streets of an ancient city where people bowed low as they passed her way; she sipped water from one flower while drinking from another…

And when Abercrombie awoke each morning, the sight of all those flowers made him feel happy and full until finally one day someone said “Scatter those flowers across the world!” It wasn’t until then that Abercrombie felt truly powerful — because now there were countless women who would have never thought of looking at him that way before…

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And then one day his dream came true: Abercrombie had opened his eyes in front of 100 million people in America and around the world, holding up 10-foot tall roses as though they were made of gold dust — surrounded by people who called out their names with love as they walked by…

The Best Parts of Glory of Love

There are two ways of approaching this challenge; one is what I call the “glory of love” approach. The other is the “who wrote glory of love” approach. Both are good approaches, but only one of them works for you.

Much has been written about who wrote glory of love and we have our own version in GlorifyLove (another blog). We decided on the second approach because we think it is more likely to lead to a successful product.

What is your product? What makes it stand out from the crowd? How can you make it stand out even more?

If you had a dog, what would be its name? Let’s see…


I hope these tips will help you to think more creatively and come up with better ideas for your next startup project. Now go and do it!

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