Unknown Original explores the world of unknown original song versions and their journey to a more well-known cover. Some of these songs were performed by obscure artists or were demo versions the record label decided to change. Some were performed by famous musicians but didn’t take off, or were forgotten by younger generations. Similarly, some were traditional folk songs with a hard-to-find original recording artist. In short, we hope this site helps you discover some new musical gems.

Unknown Original is the passion project of me, Nichola Scurry. I’m a professional writer and published author. I help individuals and organisations tell their best story. I’ve been a volunteer at beloved Melbourne community radio station PBS 106.7FM since 2013, where I help out with announcer fill-ins and Radio Festival support.

I’m particularly proud to have been one of the creators of PBS 106.7FM’s 40th anniversary commemorative book, 40 Years of PBS Radio. This book features rare images and tells the station’s rich and diverse history championing underrepresented music in Melbourne, Australia since the late 1970s.

My favourite music genre is late 70s and early 80s post-punk. I love bands like the Clash and Blondie, and my favourite song is “Atomic”. My favourite books about music are Pattie Smith’s Just Kids and Jon Savage’s England’s Dreaming.

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