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Professional Widow Original

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Professional Widow: Original v Remix

Who didn’t love cutting sick to the lyrics “It’s gotta be big” in 1990s nightclubs? Tori Amos released the “Professional Widow” original in 1996. She included the “harpsichord-driven rock dirge” on her third studio album, Boys For Pele. As a single, it came with Armand’s Star Trunk Funkin’ Mix, probably one of the best remixes of all time. Even me, a 90s kid, thought Armand Van Helden’s remix was the “Professional Widow” original. But the real “Professional Widow” original is just as musically interesting as the remix. And yes, we’ll be addressing those rumours that this song is about Courtney Love.

Check out Boys For Pele

It’s a Fine Day Original

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It’s a Fine Day at the Nightclub

If you went clubbing in the 90s, you’ll probably remember swaying around to Opus III’s “It’s a Fine Day”. But did you know that the “It’s a Fine Day” original was recorded a cappella in 1983 by Jane? Jane Lancaster was a friend (although some sources say girlfriend) of English poet Edward (or sometimes Owain) Barton, the writer of “It’s a Fine Day”.